TEDxAsheville salon discussion event Weds Jan 12: PLAY

January 7, 2011

TEDxAsheville kicks off its 2011 event season with a video talk about bringing play into our lives, given by a researcher who found that as a group, people who commit murder have something in common: a lack of play in childhood. (The same researcher also found a connection between adult play and success.)

So what does lack of play in adulthood cause? Come out and tell us, because we bet you already know. These salon events are meant to make us all think, talk and help each other learn.

Here at TEDxAsheville, we aren’t doing resolutions, we’re adopting a byword. And our word for 2011 is PLAY. So if you love TED, great ideas, building community or watching talks from some of the world’s greatest thinkers, join us for the first TEDxAsheville community salon event of the new year, TEDxAsheville: PLAY.

The theme is play, we’re meeting at the ice cream shop (!), and we’re watching a talk on play. From TED.com:

Dr. Stuart Brown came to research play through research on murderers — unlikely as that seems — after he found a stunning common thread in killers’ stories: lack of play in childhood. Since then, he’s interviewed thousands of people to catalog their relationships with play, noting a strong correlation between success and playful activity. His book Play describes the impact play can have on one’s life.

With the support of the National Geographic Society and Jane Goodall, he has observed animal play in the wild, where he first concieved of play as an evolved behavior important for the well being — and survival — of animals, especially those of higher intelligence. Now, through his organization, the National Institute for Play, he hopes to expand the study of human play into a vital science — and help people everywhere enjoy and participate in play throughout life.

“Finally, a good excuse to goof off … Brown builds a compelling case for the importance of recreation to success and creativity — and insists that grown-ups need it too.” – Discover Magazine

TEDxAsheville salon discussion event: PLAY
Wednesday, January 12
5:30-7 p.m.
The Hop Ice Cream, Merrimon Square location (640 Merrimon Ave, Suite 103)
a FREE community great-ideas event for all ages old enough to sit through a 15-minute video talk

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