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Innerpreneur John Miles

John Miles

What if your business model was “Be better inside, make the world better,” and that actually worked? CEO and web innerpreneur John Miles has been quietly, skillfully igniting a business expansion from within his firm, integritive. His is a story of how freedom, happiness and positive social change built the better business.

What in the world is “wushu” and what does it have to do with business success in the 21st Century? John Miles is only too happy to answer that question. As Chief of What’s Next, John knows there are many out there trying to figure out how he and his firm are profitable and hiring regardless of the economic climate. “Wushu” describes a value John admires, the art of winning battles by never having to fight them. Words like “well-being” and “equanimity” pepper John’s language as much as profit and bounce rates, because his is a web firm designed in every way to be different. Not surprising from a CEO for whom, well, traditional comparisons fail to accurately describe.

John has a lot to say about doing business “the kind way.” His story is about what’s next in a changing world where the old paradigm of “compete to survive” gives way to “cooperate to thrive.”

John is a TEDActive Attendee, as well.  Check out his profile at TED.