Building Bridges
Opening Doors

In 2020 the doors closed – literally – on our businesses, schools and faith communities, everywhere. Almost overnight, our lives went from interconnected to disengaged and disconnected. For many of us, it’s been a thought-provoking, and perhaps necessary, journey inwards. But within this contraction, some unforeseen developments have occurred. Barriers have been broken, assumptions challenged, creativity and unlikely connections emerged, hearts and minds opening – change is afoot! Tedx Asheville is joining this momentum as we re-enter the conversation and re-engage our community – both local and global. We look to become a ‘hub of hope’ by sharing inspirational stories of personal growth, community engagement and, as always, groundbreaking ideas. We will explore building bridges and opening doors through shared perspectives, robust conversations and listening deeply, to help us make sense of this year of disruption. We see TEDx Asheville as an invitation to reconnect and provide hope for this transformation – within ourselves as well as our communities. We hope you will join us as we walk the path of re-engagement, together.

Tina McGuire Theatre at Wortham Center for the Performing Arts

Photo by - Erica Mueller

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