About The Speaker

Daniele Martin

Daniele Martin is a yoga teacher, storyteller, racial equity activist, animal lover and healer dedicated to transforming individual and collective racial trauma through strategic partnerships. Specifically, Daniele specializes in working with health and wellness organizations, conferences, and festivals committed to decolonizing their spaces. Passionate about equity, spirituality, and true expressions of love, Daniele infuses her work with more than 30 years of alternative medicine and metaphysical wisdom. Having been described as a spiritual doula, Daniele is someone who sees what we are capable of birthing, while simultaneously being deeply skilled at navigating the unavoidable labor pains required to bring a new way of being into the world.

Daniele is especially skilled at traversing organizational developmental gaps and growth opportunities when it comes to unpacking how whiteness may be inhibiting organizations from coming into full alignment with their expressed values. She is gifted at guiding and supporting the investigative process for how values are showing up in relational and operational practices, working to unearth and understand what might be lingering in the shadows, and integrating a racialized lens to trauma-informed practices. The mountains of Asheville have taught her more about herself and what she is capable of accomplishing than any other state she has lived.