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5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss TEDxAsheville

So, you’ve heard all the buzz, ‘liked’ all of the engaging conversations and status updates on Facebook and kicked around the idea of slipping on your winter boots and joining in the conversation about exploring the EDGE with us…BUT you … Continue reading

Moving Objects With Your Mind at TEDxAsheville 2012

TEDxAsheville 2012 presenter Avi Goldberg Explores the EDGE of Human Limitation: Since the days of sorcerers, gods and witches, the human species has been fascinated with the idea of moving objects with their minds. We do it everyday with our own … Continue reading

Tina Staley

Imagine yourself pregnant with twins, overwhelmed with joy and ready for these little miracles of life when you’re suddenly diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Will you live long enough to birth your precious children? If you do, how will you breast-feed them? Why did this happen to you? Who will care for you while you’re sick and unable to work?

Social worker Tina Staley, born and raised in South Asheville, asked exactly those questions and sought answers to help people experiencing the profound emotional distress brought on by cancer diagnosis. Continue reading